New Septic System Shoreline

New Septic System Shoreline


Despite keeping your septic system in good condition, time and use will dictate it that you need to have a new septic system installed. When that time comes you need the best septic system company in the area that has the expertise to replace your septic system with quality septic tank installation services.

Vac-Tec LLC is the leading company offering quality services for new septic systems for Shoreline, WA residents and business owners. Being an established company, we offer the following services in addition to new septic systems:

  • Cleaning of drains
  • Repair and maintenance of septic systems
  • Pump and pipe repairs
  • Installation of distribution boxes and drain fields

The new septic system design needs to take into consideration the location and size of the property, the soil composition, the size of the building and its use. Our skilled and trained technicians are well versed in understanding all these considerations. They will install the new septic system correctly, following all area codes and regulations.

Septic Tank Installation Shoreline


Efficient and proper septic tank installation is essential as the septic tank is the first portion of your septic system. Most problems that homeowners face with their system are due to improper installation.

You must look for professionals that have the experience and the equipment to handle the septic tank installation requirements correctly. We have been offering quality septic tank installation services in Shoreline for a long time.

You can trust our septic tank installation services as we are:

  • A trained professional team
  • Experts in our field
  • Affordable

Whenever you require septic tank installation you can think of us as the only company to call to install your septic tank.

Replace Septic Systems Shoreline


With the number of companies offering services to replace septic systems in Shoreline, you might find it difficult to choose the best one who will meet your requirements. However, to ensure that you are getting quality service from the area’s best you need to consider the following when choosing the company to replace your septic system:

  • Professionalism
  • Recommendations from past customers
  • Services provided
  • Pricing structure

We are the ideal company to choose to replace septic systems in Shoreline. You can also call us to repair the septic system drain field for your residential or commercial property.

Call Vac-Tec LLC at (253) 777-4887 when you need any septic system installation or repairs done on your property in Shoreline.