Drainage – Edgewood

Drainage Solutions Edgewood


Proper drainage solutions are essential to diverting excess water away from your property, ensuring your foundation and basement remains safe and dry.

You may need drainage solutions if:

  • Your yard or driveway inclines towards the property
  • Water sits on your property for more than 24 hours
  • You want to prevent heaving from freezing and thawing

If you have noticed the tell-tale signs of drainage problems, get in touch with Vac-Tec LLC. Our professionals can help you with drainage solutions in Edgewood, WA. Whether you need drainage solutions for a commercial or residential property, we have got you covered.

From landscape to backyard drainage solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of needs.

Downspout Drain Edgewood


When it rains heavily, the water on your roof gets channeled into the ground through downspouts. Now you could experience a new problem. The rainwater from the downspouts can start collecting in your yard or landscape thus making it wet and soggy.

This can result in costly foundation problems. One way to resolve this problem is to have a downspout drain installed. As one of the premier downspout drain installers serving Edgewood, you can count on us for proven, reliable solutions for your home or property.

We can design and install a downspout drain that addresses the unique challenges and needs of your property. Our highly trained and skilled technicians use specialized tools and materials for downspout drain installation.

With a professional downspout drain installation, our clients in Edgewood can prevent problems like:

  • Mold growth
  • Leaky basement
  • Weak foundation
  • Pest infestations

Curtain Drain Edgewood


A curtain drain is a trench filled with gravel that acts like a gutter system to get rid of excess water on your property. This trench slopes downhill to channel water out of harm’s way.

If your property experiences problems from groundwater, a curtain drain can be your primary line of defense. We are experts in residential and commercial curtain drain installations, and can customize a solution for your property, with a minimal amount of disruption.

With many years of experience, our professionals can ensure that you get a quality curtain drain installation in Edgewood. Here are a few benefits of choosing us for drainage solutions:

  • No job too big or too small
  • Superior workmanship
  • Full satisfaction with the results

Need a curtain drain installation in Edgewood or its nearby areas? Give Vac-Tec LLC a call for expert solutions to your drainage issues. Call (253) 777-4887.